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S6000-DLCK series

The S6000-DLCK series digital switch panel is used to control all lighting, curtains and other equipment in the lighting system.

Run on the DALI BUS, support standard DALI protocol and eDali, dDali extended protocol.
Simple function, touch control, full-feel backlit window, beautiful appearance.
The light, light group and scene relationship corresponding to the switch and the dimming board can be freely configured through the software.

Standard 86 box installation, industrial-grade structure and installation method.

Parameter Table

ModelS6000-DLCK series
Size87 x 87 x 5 mm(Higher than wall thickness)
Communication protocolDALI,dDALI, eDALI
Communication distanceUp to 300 meters (using 2×1.5mm²)
Controlled object64 addresses; 16 light groups; 16 scenes; all (broadcast)
Backlight sensingWhen the hand is close to <=20mm, the LED backlight will be slightly bright indicator (operation indicator in the evening or when the indoor light is dark)
Button typeCapacitive button
Key settingOperation function can be programmed on site
Voice promptBuilt-in buzzer
Installation methodStandard 86 box installation
Working environment-20 ~ 55℃,0 ~ 90%RH
Storage environment-40 ~ 85℃,0 ~ 90%RH

Article number

Product modelNumber of keysSwitch control, brightness dimmingColor temperature adjustmentArticle number
S6000-DLCK-3T2S/K3 buttons + 2 dimming bar8806-00000004
S6000-DLCK-3T2S/W3 buttons + 2 dimming bar8806-00000018
S6000-DLCK-3T2S/G3 buttons + 2 dimming bar8806-00000023

The letter at the end of the product model indicates the color of the product
K: black G: gold W: white
● Indicates that this feature is included
-Indicates that this feature is not included