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Incandescent lamp dimming controller

The ST-MD0202E incandescent lamp dimming controller is connected to the S6000 series controller with EXP-BUS, and it expands to control 2 circuits of 220V/2A load dimming. The main controller is connected through the EXP-BUS to share various resources and communication and processing capabilities of the main controller. DIN-Rail Mounting Dimensions

DALI power supply

DALI-PS,DALI-PS1DALI power supply The DALI power supply is used to supply power to the devices on the DALI BUS.Only 1 DALI power supply can be connected to each DALI BUS. DALI-PS can power 2 DALI BUS.DALI-PS1 can power 1 DALI BUS. Dimensions