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Smart Building Solution

Based on hardware equipment, software applications, and system services, SAFTOP intervenes from the architectural design stage and provides technical means combining the Internet of Things, edge computing, big data analysis, etc., to realize the innovation of the project’s full life cycle construction, acceptance, operation, operation and maintenance, and help customers efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively create …

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Smart Park Solution

Use IoT, edge computing, big data technology and equipment to optimize the infrastructure construction of the park; Take the operator as the center, connect government affairs, enterprises, and the public through platforms and applications, and realize the digital management of park operations; Through the industrial ecology to build the park’s big data accumulation, open up …

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Smart Transportation Solution

Starting from weak current design, through global monitoring, fine control, and event linkage, and from the perspectives of enhancing the scope and capabilities of rail transit-based command and management, optimizing the efficiency and rationality of monitoring management, and enhancing the ability and means to respond to major incidents and emergencies, establish a command system that …

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Smart Medical Solution

Integrate comprehensive operational data and benchmarking data, combine RBRVS, DRGs/DIP and other management concepts, through data in-depth mining and analysis, combined with Internet of Things technology to transform equipment and facilities to achieve intelligent management and control, and to make medical institutions optimize their services, adjust structure, control costs and improve efficiency to achieve both …

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