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Committed to providing customers with the most cutting-edge technical support.
Committed to providing the most cost-effective products in the industry.
Committed to providing customers with quality service guarantee.
Shenzhen Top 70 Innovative Enterprises---
SAFTOP appeared as the "Hidden Champion" of the IoT industry!


Shenzhen Safetop Tech Co., Ltd. (SAFTOP) was established in 2004. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, promotion and ecosystem construction of smart IoT devices and IoT operating systems, and provides technical support for the construction of smart city digital base. SAFTOP starts from mining user needs, solving user pain points, and saving user costs. Supported by technologies such as the IoT, BIM, Big data, and AI, SAFTOP provides IoT software and hardware products and full life cycle solutions that can be widely used in smart buildings, smart parks, smart transportation, smart medical care, smart manufacturing, and smart people’s livelihood.
SAFTOP has more than 100 invention patents and software copyrights. It has been identified as a national high-tech enterprise, a Shenzhen specialized & sophisticated SME, and a Shenzhen software enterprise. It has passed the intellectual property management system certification, quality management system certification, 3C certification, CMMI3 certification, and commercial cryptographic product certification, etc., and it is also one of the chief editorial units of the 《Smart City Standard Series》, the only systematic smart city construction standards in China. After two decades of development, SAFTOP has grown into “China’s Internet of Things Smart Building/Park No. 1 Brand”, “Science and Technology Innovation Leading Brand”, “Smart City Industry Leading Enterprise”, and BOMA China Supplier Member. On the 70th anniversary of the PRC, SAFTOP stood out among the 18,000 national high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, and won the title of “Shenzhen Top 70 Innovative Enterprises” together with well-known companies such as Huawei, DJI, and Tencent, and was honoured as the “Hidden Champion” of the IoT Industry.

SAFTOP not only provides controller products based on the IoT core, but also provides a series of IoT routing controllers that can be widely connected to third-party devices to achieve the integration of equipment from different manufacturers, the grand integration of applications, and the “integration of management, control and operation.”


Corporate Mission: Let the World Away From Difficult Data Connection, and Make Cities Smarter!
Corporate Vision: Smart Beyond Your Imagination
Core Value: Connect Everything, Link Everything, Face the Challenge, Never Give Up


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