SAFTOP – 安冠科技
Create an innovative IoT platform
Consolidate the urban "Digital Base" and promote the application of smart cities
Smart Beyond Your Imagination
SAFTOP S8000 IoT Series
Shenzhen Specialized & 
Sophisticated SME


Provide a series of IoT hardware products such as IoT access control, alarm, elevator control, fan coil control, intelligent lighting, hotel room central control, etc.

Provide digital twin services for smart buildings, smart parks, and smart city

Provide an integrated platform for IoT management, control, and operation of smart buildings, smart parks, and smart cities

Provide IoT cloud platforms for smart buildings and smart parks

Provide IoT gateways, smart IoT routing controllers, IoT switches, and other series of M2M IoT network products

Provide smart city PPP services


Comprehensive performance advantage
Comprehensive energy saving advantage
Easy to adapt and expand to meet future needs
Lower comprehensive cost, lower operation and maintenance cost, construction period-saving

More reliable and safer
Standardization and openness
Represent the future development direction of smart technology and is a bridge between traditional technology and the IoT technology
Improve user satisfaction


“Shenzhen Top 70 Innovative Enterprises” was officially announced, and SAFTOP appeared as the “Hidden Champion” of the IoT industry!

SAFTOP has obtained 100+ copyrights, a number of invention patents, utility model patents, and appearance patents. It has passed ISO9001 Certification, CMMI3 Certification, 3C Certification, Intellectual Property Management System Certification, and Military Network Procurement Information Publishing Qualification Certification.

  • National High-tech Enterprise
  • Shenzhen Specialized & Sophisticated SME
  • Shenzhen Software Enterprise
  • Chief Editorial Unit of 《Smart City/Park Standard Series》
  • National Commercial Encryption Products Production Fixed-Point Unit
  • Smart City Technology Innovation and Application Demonstration Base


Develop Employees     Achieve Customers

Win-Win Cooperation     Pragmatic Innovation

Serve the Motherland     Benefit Mankind

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