In the fields of smart buildings/parks, smart transportation, smart factories, smart city infrastructure,
SAFTOP provides world-class planning, design, management, control, smart operation and maintenance full-life cycle products based on the IoT, BIM, Big Data and AI.
Carry the past and connect the future



SAFTOP IoT APP is a device management APP that comes in WeChat mini programs, iOS, and Android versions. With the basic access platform of the Internet of Things, it provides functions such as equipment management, video management, scene management and alarm management for smart buildings and smart office application scenarios. Users can view the current …

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DTCAD® SmartD Cloud Platform

DTCAD® SmartD Cloud Platform, innovatively adopts AI technology as an auxiliary tool for smart design. The platform has a rich product library, covering all intelligent equipment of the building, with strong design capabilities, and covering the design of all intelligent systems in construction projects. It reduces the difficulty of intelligent system design, improves design efficiency, …

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IoT-COS IoT Cloud Operating System

SAFTOP IoT Cloud Operating System mainly completes user management and authority configuration. It configures IoT routing controllers to complete the equipment data access of various professional systems, manages on-site electromechanical equipment and its resource points, and sets coordination strategies between professional equipment.SAFTOP IoT Cloud Operating System realizes the access of equipment data of various professional …

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SAFTOP 7D+ “Digital Base”

SAFTOP 7D+ “Digital Base”, based on the Internet of Things cloud operating system, realizes the access of device data, and integrates GIS technology and BIM technology (building information model) to realize the digital twin of dynamic data and static information. From the dimensions of space, people, equipment, information, time, etc., construct the 7D+ digital base …

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SAFTOP Smart Brain

SAFTOP Smart Brain uses IoT technology, BIM technology, and big data technology to integrate equipment, facility operation and maintenance management, and smart operation to achieve an integrated platform for the management, control, and operation of construction equipment, and realize the full life cycle management of construction equipment, so that the equipment become people-centered, and provide …

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