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Communication service controller

The S6000-HT communication service controller is used to manage the communication between the controller on the CAN BUS and the software server, as well as to conduct data routing management with other groups of BUS, such as Cross-BUS linkage control and signal forwarding.

A, B (or 1, 2) two sets of BUS are used for local management, which can support up to 110 device nodes, and C and D (or 3, 4) two sets of BUS are used for Cross-BUS routing.

It adopts 4 completely independent industrial-grade CAN communication BUS, and with anti-lightning, anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference protection. The node will be automatically shut down when the failure occurs. When one group of communication fails, it can automatically switch to another group for communication to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

1 set of 10/100M adaptive Ethernet port.

Parameter Table

Size144 x 90 x 63.5 mm
CAN4 groups of CAN-BUS V2.0B standard
Serial port2 standard RS232 /RS485
Power input12VDC
Installation methodDIN-Rail Mounting
Working environment-20~60℃,0~90%RH
Storage environment-40~85℃,0~90%RH

Article number:8801-00000001