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8-circuit intelligent electrical switch controller

S6800-LC8R is used for intelligent control of electrical equipment such as lights, etc.

S6800-LC8R has 8 independently controllable 10A/220V load switches, which can be used for traditional electrical circuit control such as lights and sockets.
1 DALI BUS can control the switch and dimming of up to 64 digital addressable street lights (digital rectifier is required), and can also be connected to various DALI switch panels.
2 RS485 interfaces can be connected to multiple digital thermostats and other equipment.
1 set of expansion interface is used to expand multiple control switch circuits or dimming modules.

DIN-Rail Mounting

Parameter Table

Size144 x 90 x 67 mm
Primary communication BUS2 groups of CAN industrial BUS
Secondary communication BUS2 groups of 485 BUS, 1 group of DALI, 1 group of EXP BUS
Input port4 programmable auxiliary dry contact inputs -20mA
Output port8 circuits of 220V/10A (resistive) load
Installation methodDIN-Rail Mounting
Working environment-20~60℃,0~90%RH
Storage environment-40~85℃,0~90%RH

Article number:8801-00000134