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SAFTOP 7D+ “Digital Base”

SAFTOP 7D+ “Digital Base”, based on the Internet of Things cloud operating system, realizes the access of device data, and integrates GIS technology and BIM technology (building information model) to realize the digital twin of dynamic data and static information. From the dimensions of space, people, equipment, information, time, etc., construct the 7D+ digital base of construction equipment.
Multi-dimensional full-process simulation, monitoring, and display of construction equipment, establishing a 7D (space + people + things + time + information) digital base, laying the foundation for smart buildings, smart parks, rail transit and other smart construction.

The core purpose of SAFTOP 7D+ “Digital Base” is based on a system that allows the monitoring personnel to comprehensively manage the operating status, fault status, and offline status of each electromechanical and intelligent equipment in the building, and notify monitoring personnel immediately when the equipment fails.

SAFTOP 7D+ “Digital Base” uses BIM to visually display equipment operating information and equipment related information.
In the event of an emergency, the system automatically pops up a window to display the live video and the scope of the accident, allowing the monitoring personnel to have an overall understanding of the accident situation and conduct unified emergency command and dispatch.